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Most Competitive Rates in BC

The majority of private home care agencies in BC are chains or franchises. Their high administration, overhead, advertising costs, and franchise fees are passed on to the client. Their rate mark-ups are 150% or more. Unique, as a private independent company, has low expenses and no franchise fees, allowing for flexibility to customize rates. Our rates are consistently the lowest in BC.

Wage Practice

As home care aides are not required to be certified, private home care agencies are notorious for paying low hourly wages. Private agencies generally pay the minimum hourly rate, rarely more. Unique pays the highest hourly rate in the private home care sector in BC. We exceed BCGEU hourly rates.

Consistent Care Aid Policy

Agencies rotate care aides. This practice is often referred to as the “swinging-door policy.” Clients often receive multiple providers. Unique always provides a designated, consistent care aide for each client. Consistency eliminates the frustration, confusion and lack of communication rotating care aides cause.

Advertising-Free Vehicle & No Uniform Policy

Unique is the only home care agency in BC with a no-uniform policy, removing the perception of an authority figure intruding into a client’s private, home environment. Care aides do not require name tags. Our advertising-free vehicles offer our clients dignity and respect.

Full-Scope, Supervised Nursing and Support Care

Most private agencies have restrictions and limitations on their services. Unique provides full-scope, supervised nursing and support care with realistic expectations. Each client’s care is directed to their needs specifically. All care plans and schedules allow for complete flexibility.

Unique Specializes in 24-Hour In-Home Care

Due to Unique’s on-going outstanding reputation and high-quality care, we have evolved into the go-to for 24-hour in-home care. Almost 80% of our services are now devoted to 24-hour care.

Again, our 24-hour in-home rate is the lowest in British Columbia. For this service, we provide two dedicated, consistent care aides.

Safety, Security & Peace of Mind

Unique’s care aides are screened and criminal background-checked. We hire only Canadian-accepted accredited certifications. All care aides have WCB and full insurance liability coverage.

Veterans Affairs Canada Approved Provider

Only VAC (Veteran Affairs Canada) approved and registered private agencies are permitted to care for Canadian veterans. Unique is proud to be approved and registered by VAC. We have provided care for over 60 local veterans.

Client/Family Counselling

Home care agencies do not provide client/family counselling. Unique offers counselling on a 24/7 basis, at no charge. This is a much needed service as families attempt to deal with and work through issues and situations they have never encountered. We are always available to offer advice and consultation.

Cooperative Partnerships

Few agencies have the ability or the qualifications to liaise with medical professionals, health/legal authorities and insurance companies. Unique partners and works with: Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA); BC Mental Health; Seniors Outreach; Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC); WorkSafe BC/Workers Compensation Board (WCB); BC Public Guardian and Trustee; Government/Private Care Facilities/ Hospitals; Private Insurance Companies; Law Firms; Legal Representatives; Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

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