BC Shriners Variety Show Performers

Every year is a completely new show that features a cutting-edge illusionist, magician, comedian and juggler.


Murray Hatfield & Teresa first worked together in 1992 and the result was…MAGIC! Since then they have thrilled audiences in numerous countries on four continents with their signature brand of magic, comedy and stunning, state-of-the-art illusions.


Paul can easily be described as one of the most highly original magicians in the world. He brings Charlie Chaplin’s endearing creation “The Little Tramp” to life in an act that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.


You might recognize this amazing juggler from his many appearances on international TV shows around the globe or from the Guinness Book of World Records where he held the record for juggling chainsaws. Either way you’re in for a treat!


Take a consummate juggler and combine him with a clown, physical comedian and circus performer and you’ve got Jake West. A fast, funny, silly and amazingly talented juggler who has performed throughout North America and around the world!


From comedy clubs and cruise ships to showrooms in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City, Brad always keeps audiences laughing. Together with a varied cast of characters he has appeared on stage and television including the Late Show with David Letterman.


Damien James and his hilarious brand of ventriloquism has been featured on stage and television shows, including: Comedy at Club 54, Elvira Kurt Adventures in Comedy,Real Life Stories, Final Cut (YTV) and more.


A talented and funny juggler – Alex has performed around North America and in over a dozen different countries. He’s an award-winning , internationally acclaimed juggler who’s skills are both amazing and highly entertaining.


Trevor Watters & Lorena have been performing for over a decade and have won over 20 international awards for comedy magic along the way. They have been featured in Corporate events, prime time television, in festivals, fairs and on board luxury cruise ships.


Neale first became interested in ventriloquism at the age of 6 after seeing a ventriloquist for the first time on TV. Since that time he has performed in both Canada and the United States – blending ventriloquism and humour with his inspirational message.


In Steve’s hilarious comedy magic act everything appears to go wrong for Steve, but right for his audience as they roar with laughter. This act features original routines the whole family will enjoy!  Steve has been featured from the Magic Castle in Hollywood to Shanghai, China.


Since 1985 Mike Battie has been wowing audiences with his hilariously dynamic stage show, at fairs, festivals, and theatres . He blends virtuoso juggling choreographed to music with light-hearted crowd participation to amaze and amuse.